The Sport Physio Group (SPG) is a special interest group of the SASP for physiotherapists interested in the prevention and treatment of sport injuries. We currently have around 600 members nationwide and are widely involved in sporting events such as the Duzi marathon, Comrades, Two Oceans, Argus and the 94.7 Momentum Cycle Challenge either as individuals or as part of the SASP and SPG.

The SPG is affiliated with the International Federation of Sport Physical Therapists as well as the South African Sport Medicine Association with representation on both executive committees.

The SPG provides a platform where like minded physiotherapists can network and meaningful referrals can be made across the country as well as overseas for travelling athletes and teams. It also provides a central database for organisers of events to locate sport physiotherapists to attend events.

Our members are also eligible to do a course focusing specifically on the field of sport physiotherapy, SPT 1. Only SPG members are allowed to apply for this course, that is only persons with a degree in physiotherapy are accepted. Although this yearlong course is not recognised as a specialisation by the HPCSA it is regarded as a Level 2 professional development course by the SASP.